Sophomore Class

Jadie Collins /

Sophomore Class

Spring, 2019

Jadie Collins,

Q: What’s your name and where are you from?

JADIE: My name’s Jadie Collins, and I’m from Blacktown, Australia. Which is about an hour out from Sydney. 3 hours if there’s traffic.


Q: What’s been your biggest learning curve, coming into the fashion industry?

JADIE: There’s been so many! It feels like it’s every day, because they don’t stop.

Coming into the fashion industry, you meet lots of people with lots of opinions, and lots of ideas – and it’s probably akin to reading a book or watching the news. You can read and watch, but you can’t take everything on, and live religiously by that, do you know what I mean? So I feel like every day is a learning curve, because you’re trying to figure out how you should go through this industry.

And it’s about listening to other people’s opinions, but not taking it all on board too seriously. This is a learning curve, me being here in London. I was in South Korea, but I didn’t have an agency in London – so I was like f*ck it, let’s see what happens. I came over, and I was signed after 2 days. But a lot of people told me not to do that, and that I should head back home to Australia and do it properly. Again, that’s just another opinion.

"...I was like f*ck it, let’s see what happens."

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to aspiring models?

JADIE: I’m gonna say love yourself.

Because you’re gonna have a lot of days when you don’t. And everyone in the world has days when they don’t love themselves; but speak to yourself as though you’re speaking to a 5yr old girl or boy. Kindly. As though you would want someone to speak to you when you were younger. Speak to yourself like that, no matter how old you are.

"...speak to yourself as though you’re speaking to a 5yr old girl or boy. Kindly. Speak to yourself like that, no matter how old you are."

Q: If you weren’t modelling, what other paths would you have explored?

JADIE: Well, I actually graduated from university back in September 2017, and received my Bachelor’s degree in International Studies & Political Relations. I also have a year left of Law; but I think I want to be a film director. So I don’t know…

I want to finish my Law degree, just to say I have a Law degree; because that’s kinda bad b*tch. And one day I want a PhD, so people can call me ‘doctor’. Just because I’m in fashion right now, doesn’t mean I can’t change tomorrow. I don’t feel limited, at all. And if anything, I feel like being in fashion – I don’t know..I could finish my Law degree and do something like the legalities of fashion with magazines, for instance. Everything can be integrated. I don’t really feel like I’m missing out on anything else, because one day I’m just gonna have it all.

"I want to finish my Law degree, just to say I have a Law degree; because that’s kinda bad b*tch."

Q: What was the most difficult part about moving to London?

JADIE: So I moved to London with only a few Dollars in my account, because I hadn’t been paid the money from my work in South Korea yet. And then with the realization that the money I earned will be a lot less, due to currency conversion/exchange rates. I had no real accommodation, and no agency. So the whole thing in itself was a big risk. I could have arrived here, and had no place to stay, and had to beg my mum to pay for my flights back to Australia.

I could see it as the hardest part was me not having money, or not knowing if I’ll manage to find accommodation; but then I think it comes down to fear. So it’s like overcoming fear of the unknown. I think that was actually the hardest part for me. My own fear holds me back more than anything else. But like, it’s not supposed to be easy. If you want to do something great in your life; if it’s easy, maybe you shouldn’t do it.

"If you want to do something great in your life; if it’s easy, maybe you shouldn’t do it."

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration, and why?

JADIE: My biggest inspiration is my mum. Why? Because she’s a legend! She gave birth to me. I’m in my mid-20’s and she still feeds me sometimes. I don’t know – it’s easy to mention celebrities, and people like that; and I get that, when people do say that. But I’m alive now because of my mum. And I’m in London right now because of my mum. I wouldn’t be the woman I am unless she was; and that’s pretty inspiring, that someone can have that much of an impact on another human being’s life. I think that as a parent, you can really shape a person; and so it’s inspiring to know that through my entire life, she’s thought about how she was shaping me.

She taught me to work hard if I want something. And not to give up when things get hard, because it does get hard. It’s always gonna be the hardest, just before something real good happens. But that’s what the universe does; it throws something at you, so you do give up.

And I don’t know – not many people have parents who will say go overseas with no money, and chase your dreams. But she was there on the other side of the phone. She was like ‘But you can do it, and I’m here if anything falls through’. And like f*ck, it gives me chills. And that’s why she’s my inspiration, because I don’t know another woman like her. She’s walked through fire and lived to tell the story. So if she can do that, I can, too.

PI: Shoutout to mumzy

JADIE: Shoutout to mum!

"It’s always gonna be the hardest, just before something real good happens."

Q: Which of your tattoos means the most to you, and why?

JADIE: I love travelling. I don’t really feel like I belong in Australia; so every time I go to a different country, I get a tattoo. All my tattoos mean something very different. And even the ones that don’t have any particular meaning behind them; they still mean something, because of where I was at the time.

This might seem quite random, but I have a Hello Kitty tattoo. I got that done in South Korea. And it means a lot to me because in a weird way; Hello Kitty, and anime and cartoons have brought a childlike love back into my life. A love I think I lost, when I was becoming a young adult. I don’t know, maybe some people might frown upon something little and stupid like that – but for me, I look at it and I’m like: I’m old, but I’m also extremely young, and I need to never lose that.

Q: What’s been your favourite modelling experience so far?

JADIE: Travelling as a whole. It’s such a privilege, I wouldn’t be able to do so without it. I meet really cool people. So I couldn’t really say there’s one experience, when really, the whole thing has been a huge blessing.


Q: What’s one piece of advice you’ve been given, that has helped you in your career so far?

JADIE: When I was younger, I used to get teased for being quite tall. And one day I came home from school pretty sad, and my mum said to me “Stand tall, and f*ck them all!”

And so when I go into castings; most people I encounter are really nice, but you do also get people who try to throw you off your game a little bit, because modelling is a competitive business. So I always hear my mum’s voice in the back of my mind, and I’ll throw my shoulders back, stand straight, and remember what she told me. It might seem pretty basic, but it helps.

"Stand tall, and f*ck them all!"

Creative Team

Styling, Hannah Rose Fry
H&M, Charmanique Thompson
Set Design, Karina Valentim
Set Design Asst., Anne Sophie-Keen
Styling Asst., Ellie Madden


Look 1 —
Trousers, Fashion Killa
Skirt, Simon Mo
Jacket, Kappa
Shoes, ASOS Design

Look 2 —
Dress, FILA
Jacket, Gayeon Lee
Boots, Malan Breton
Glasses, ASOS


Photography, Peter Ikosa (of studio psl)
Art Direction, studio psl