Kristel Kuslapuu

Season - Fall/Winter '18

Kristel Kuslapuu — Fall/Winter 2018


Kristel Kuslapuu delivers uncomforting themes with an artistic sense of humour through her AW18 presentation held at the Freemason’s gallery space. The concept delivered by this designer to watch was superbly spoken through non-gender specific oversized knitwear in fierce primary patterned tones, further muted by pale hues, equally translating the underlying dark message of the season.


The presentation space filled with distorted 90s tracks, revealing senses of familiarity, yet these memories were unhinged with the manipulation of the music. Upon the stage, the models lounged and conversed with one another whilst aimlessly playing with single flowers that they held, showing interest in the viewer’s involvement with the scene. This acted as an expansion of the themes conveying dark secrets, phobias, social anxieties and traumas with an unusual overlap of nostalgic childhood and teenage amusement, the flower symbolising purity and a young mind.



Photography, Peter Ikosa
Words, Evangeline Blackburn