Eudon Choi

Season - Fall/Winter '18

Eudon Choi — Fall/Winter 2018

For Fall/Winter ’18, Eudon Choi demonstrates an expansion of historical memories, crafting a hybrid form that combines contemporary concepts with rural grounding. This season’s work is fuelled by Choi’s fascination with array of artists that settled in Cornish harbor town of St Ives in the years after World War I.

The collection comments on artist Alfred Wallis’ painterly vision of the coastal aesthetics and culture. Using this influence, the Korean designer builds a design sequence from the artist’s eye, a compelling motif that ripples through each feature in this outstanding collection.

The intricate characteristics of the garments translate the energy of modern art in this fisherman’s town – an adaptation that is closely mirrored within Choi’s use of tailoring, and is further enhanced by his collaboration with milliner Noel Stewart. The two artists combine to develop a modern interpretation of this classic hat style through the use of vinyl embellishments, responding to the fisherman’s gear.

The layering of the designs also indicates tradition, directing us towards the rugged apparel of these fishermen. Choi embraces the use of oversized cable knit jumpers styled beneath loose-falling trenches, each showcasing a contemporary twist. Woolen socks are paired with block-healed sandals, bridging the gap between both masculine and feminine ideals within the ensembles. Fabrics are ruffled, pleated and tied to explore the dimensions of fluidity and movement, expressing the artist’s architectural roots in design.


Photography, Peter Ikosa
Words, Evangeline Blackburn