June 2018 - July 2018

Shades of Grey

Name of season

Los Angeles


GABRIEL VIELMA ‘Beauty Salon’ It is very difficult to make something complex look effortless, and Gabriel Vielma’s flawless SS17 collection did exactly that. The Chilean designer’s

portrayal of femininity proved quirky and original in this presentation. Whirlwinds of technical assets were strung together to produce a very consistent and lively image for his 1970’s inspired

work. A pale colour palette of pretty pastels contrasted against the use of metallic tones and fabrics, as did the immaculately tailored jackets and trouser suits against the floating drape of the

dresses and blouses. Clearly, interiors and set design have played a significant role in Vielma’s conceptual progression for this collection. The stage was formed to give the aesthetics of a 70’s

hair salon. Combining this with the disco fuelled designs further took us back in time. As the evening progressed, the models interacted with one another in character, casually moving from one position

to another.